Social Media Campaign Review: Mom & Me’s ‘What’s Your Story?’


The objective is to engage the user with the brand. It is also an attempt by the brand to establish an emotional connect with their target segement – moms.


The Mahindra retail – Mom and Me‘s Facebook campaign ‘What’s Your Story?’ gives every mother a chance to be a star on their own. The winner gets a chance to be on the cover of the next issue of mother’s world – A comprehensive guide to Parenting by Mom & Me.

The campaign that will run on till 20th December, 2012 gives every mother a chance to share her own story. A story that explains what makes it different and amazing.

Mom and Me  Mahindra Retail facebook

You can also view the entries by others and also Like and Share the one you like.

 Mom and Me   Mahindra Retail Facebook

Judges would decide the Top 5 contestants and these entries would be put up on Mom & Me Facebook Page from 31st December, 2012 to 10th January, 2013. Final winner will be decided based on the votes received and judge’s decision.


By giving participants a chance to share their stories, Mom & Me is trying to establish an emotional connect with mothers. And with allowing the users to ‘like’ and ‘share’ their stories, the brand is attempting to increase its reach.

The campaign connects emotionally with a mother by knowing their story that in any situation takes care of its children. The design, look and feel of the campaign flows so much with its theme.

Scope of Improvement:

It could have been made more interactive by letting people comment on the stories as well.


It is a very simple and easy to participate campaign and a very exclusive chance to get on the cover page of ‘Mother’s World’. Click here to grab this chance and be on the cover page.