Social Media Campaign Review: Reliance Footprint ‘Know Your Footwear’ Contest


The purpose of the Reliance Foorprint ‘Know your Footwear’ Facebook campaign is to know what sort of footwear according to the audience matches different occasion and to know the plus points of their store that why people like to shop at Reliance Footprint.


When you start with the ‘Know your Footwear’ campaign, a list of occasions for Footwear appear like Casual, Party Wear, Home Wear, Formal, etc. along with a picture of footwear.

 Reliance Footprint know your footwear

You have to select the category in which the footwear you think is suitable for you and then click on the ‘Next’ button to go on to another picture. You get 25 seconds to do this and you have to answer as many questions as you can. With every correct answer you again get 25 seconds.

Once the time limit  is over, you have to answer the question ‘I like to shop at Reliance Footprints for all my needs because?’ And provide your contact details after answering this and you are awarded with the points you have scored.

 Reliance Footprint facebook

Reliance Footprint facebook


The campaign is a good way to conduct market research to get feedback from the customers. It helps to gain invaluable  insights like consumer preferences. The overall look and feel of the application, its design and interface is good.

Scope of Improvement:

Allowing the fans to give the feedback on their own i.e. Why do they like or Whey don’t they, could have got a honest response instead of forcing people to write on why do they like shopping at Reliance Footprint.

When you get 25 seconds more with every correct answer, still the contest is over after answering 4 to 5 questions even if you have time. The contest should allow you to play till you have your time remaining.

It could have been made more interesting by adding some levels to it.


In my opinion it a good campaign, which could have been spiced up a bit!