This Christmas, #Crave4Good and Spread The Joy of Giving

Hey folks! The holiday season is upon us and Christmas is round the corner. We’re sure you’ve made great plans to make the end of the year as fun and enjoyable as possible.

We’ve got some plans too. We are supporting Triature in spreading the joy the way we know best: FOOD!

They are coming up with a concept called #Crave4Good, wherein all we need to do is share what our cravings are on Twitter [only once the activity is live] using the hashtag #Crave4Good.

Each tweet will amount to 10gm of that particular craving and the most craved dish will be prepared and gifted to the Don Bosco Shelter.

But, it’s a task that can’t be done alone. We need your help in spreading the joy.

We know you are awesome and will help us in doing some good, right?

Great! So here are the ways you can take part in spreading happiness:

  1. Catering Partner: We need some supercool chefs to make the winning dish. It has to taste heavenly you see. So if you know of anyone who is a wizard in the kitchen, a café or cake shop, please get us in touch with them.
  2. Become an Elf: If you are a big time foodie and have a food blog, or you want to do your good deed of the day, reach out to us in the comments section below. Remember, the more you tweet and encourage people to tweet, the bigger the donation. You will be given a badge [in the form of a twitter DP] and will be announced as our official elf.
  3. Sponsors gifts and prizes: If you are a brand, a company or just someone who is super excited about this activity, and would like to sponsor the gifts and prizes, feel free to drop us an email on [email protected] Don’t forget Christmas is also a lot about gifts. These gifts will be given to participants to encourage them to tweet more.

I know the readers of Social Samosa are a helpful bunch and you folks will surely chime in with your help. If you any doubts or suggestions, please mention them in the comments below. We’re all ears.

Thanks :)

PS- Please stay hooked to know when this activity will go live.