Twitter Introduces Instagram-like Photo Filters

twitter photo filters

Twitter  has partnered with Aviary, for powering Instagram Style Photo Filters, effects  and smartphone photo sharing features. Aviary is an online photo editing site that offers software to mobile and Web developers.

The update came after the Facebook owned Instagram blocked users from posting photos to Twitter. Users were unable to preview Instagram photos on Twitter. Users had to click the link that took them to the Instagram Website.

Users will now  be able to edit and refine photos, right from Twitter.

The filter allows users to apply eight filters ranging from black & white to vintage, to add a new look and feel to the photos before uploading to Twitter.

The user can view the effect of the filters in a grid view or swiping through each filter to compare options before applying it to the picture.

The app also allows to crop and pinch to zoom in order to focus attention of pictures.  The Auto-enhance feature balances light and colours by tapping the wand.

twitter filters

Image source: Twitter

To the enhance entire photo experience on Twitter, users are enabled to  expand Tweets to view photos from various photo services right on Twitter. They can  preview photos directly in in Discover and search and quickly swipe through images on Twitter with photo streams in profiles and search results.

Here is a video released by Twitter to help users get started with the new feature:

Twitter’s new photo effects will be incorporated as part of an update in the in Google Play and the App Store.

Given the rise of smart phone users and the popularity of filters among them, the new feature will certainly give it a competitive edge!