Twitter Releases its 2012 Year in Review

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Twitter has evoked warm nostalgia by releasing its 2012 Year in Review. It has put a spotlight on the world’s triumphs and tribulations as well as some the breath-taking moments of the year 2012.

Twitter has looked back at the Tweets of 2012 and used both data and editorial signals to highlight some of the monumnetal moments and conversations around several themes that happened in the last one year.

It has put together a list of the most-discussed topics throughout the year across all categories like tech, politics, sports and breaking news.

A lot has occurred in the last one year and countless topics were discussed in the world of Twitter, these tweets were divided into five categories, namely:  Golden TweetsThe pulse of the planetOnly on TwitterTop trendsNew voices .

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The golden tweets were the ones that caught people’s attention all around the world and generated the most Retweets. The foremost honor goes to Obama’s “Four more years” election message

Within hours, the Tweet set a new record for the most retweeted of 2012 — and the most retweeted ever, sent by people in more than 200 countries around the world.

The second most retweeted message of the year was a loving farewell sent by Justin Bieber as a tribute to a six-year-old fan after she died from brain cancer.

The Summer Olympic Games, Superstorm Sandy and the death of singer Whitney Houston also prompted the biggest conversations at Twitter.

Other notable Tweets during the year included one sent by James Cameron from 35,755 feet (10.9 kilometres) beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean in the Mariana Trench.

And Rover’s tweet from Mars

European and US football, the MTV Video Music Awards and the Japanese anime film ‘Summer Wars’ were also vibrant Twitter topics this year.

Twitter also highlights the top trends split into categories that captured attention. For example, the top “conversation starter” this year was the hashtag #nowplaying. The top trending sports tag was #nfl, and the top trending political tag was #tcot.

Twitter’s year-in-review page also showcases all the new faces that joined Twitter in 2012 – from the realms of TV, movies, politics, music, religion/culture, and more.

In addition, Twitter has collaborated with Vizify to help users relive their best Twitter moments of 2012.

To see their year in review on Twitter, users will be directed to They can sign in with their Twitter account and an Instant personal Infographic of ‘Your Year on Twitter’ will unfold.

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Twitter walks down the memory lane with a video highlighting the golden moments of 2012

Twitter’s nostalgic look back at the year by news and trends that captured the attention of people clearly shows that Twitter is positioning itself as a medium that gives voice to the masses.

The Year in review and the Discover tab reaffirms that Twitter is incorporating stream of rich-media into its structure in the coming years. It is going beyond its simple original layout. It is evolving as a platform where people go online to talk about the latest happenings.