Social Media Campaign Review: Lufthansa Sports Challenge


The objective of the Campaign is to engage the user with the brand. It is also an attempt by the brand to occupy their mindspace. As Lufthansa says, ‘ It’s all about you’ – It tries to connect with with your love for sports. Thus the campaign is based on Cricket, the most loved sport in the country.


The Lufthansa India’s Facebook Campaign ‘Lufthansa Sports Challenge’ is to indulge every user with their passion for sports. The love for sports is at the heart of the contest.

As India and England take guard for the ODI series, Lufthansa Sports Challenge puts your knowledge of the rivalry to the test. You have to answer 10 questions based on India-England Cricket and you could win gift vouchers worth 1000 every week.

The campaign will run till 27th January, 2013. Like the page, Give your details and click on Play to start with the challenge.

Lufthansa India

The fist inning with the list of 5 questions will appear. Every question has 4 options. After answering those 5 questions, Click on the ‘Next’ to move on to the next inning.

Second Inning consists of other 5 questions. Answer those questions and click on ‘Submit’ to submit the questions.

Lufthansa Sports challenge

After submitting, it shows a scoreboard where in you can see the total correct answers given by you along with your name and photograph.

Lufthansa India

The campaign allows you to Play the challenge as many times you want and it also allows you to invite your friends to join for the same.


The app is very user friendly which makes it easy for the users to participate.  The ‘Invite Friends’ option at the end of the game enables you to invite your friends to participate in game which at the end leads to reaching the wider audience.

The look and feel of the campaign with the stadium and the cricketers, the pitch for showcasing the questions and the stumps and Helmet makes you feel exactly what it want’s you to, ‘ The excitement of sport, the thrill of a challenge, the satisfaction of the win’.

The game allows you to Play as many times you want. Cricket lovers will surely love this!

Scope of Improvement:

The game could have been made more interesting by adding some levels to it.

Rather than testing general knowledge, the quiz could have tested lateral-thinking observation-based puzzlers. A Google-proof Quiz could have helped beat the cheats.


A simple and easy to participate campaign and nearly successful in achieving its objectives.

Click here to participate in the Lufthansa India’s Sports Challenge.

Featured Image By: Lufthansa India Facebook