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Social Media Agency Feature: Konvophilia Communications

Who are we?

Konvophilia Communications is a full service company that offers total Social Media solutions. We help Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Professionals to connect and converse with their audience offering them solutions with our unique blend of creativity, passion and expertise.

We love communicating with affection, passion and care. That’s what we build for our clients and help them create their own ripples of influence.

About Founder:

khushbu pandya

Khushbu Pandya started “Konvophilia” as a Facebook page to share her expertise and views on social media, online marketing, business and customer relations, while she was researching in social media domain . Due to her interesting posts and conversations, she received many queries from around the world asking how to leverage social media in various fields.

Eventually she turned her page into a full service social media company – “Konvophilia Communications” to help individuals and businesses do social media effectively and efficiently. Her passion for social media and expertise (Ph.D.) in the same made her a Brand.

She holds a Master & Bachelor degree in Business Management and a Doctoral Scholar in Social Media. Her book on Social Media is in the process of publication. She is also engaged with as an article contributor.

What's in the name?

“Konvo” is derived from the word Conversation with a small change - replacing C with K (K being the initials of Khushbu). “Philia” is the ancient Greek word for Love & Friendship. Hence, “Konvo-philia” turns out to be the word, which means, “Love for Conversations”. It defines the company’s ‘reason for existence’.

What we do?

Our Core Strengths:

Why we do it?

Our philosophy is that we love communicating with affection, passion and care. And that’s what we build for our clients and help them create their own ripples of influence. We help start-ups, professionals, businesses and students (professional courses) do social media effectively and efficiently. We strongly believe that social media is here to stay and it is the medium bringing world on your palate.

Social responsibility in social media

1. Be Authentic & Transparent

2. Create Trust & Value to your stakeholders

3. Build an Emotional Connect with your few but true audience rather than running behind fake Likes & Followers

Need of the hour

1. Social Media Monitoring

2. Integrating social media objectives and strategies it to the Business objectives and strategies

We learned the hard way

Be deeply passionate about whatever you do.

Serve as associates for clients and not just service providers.

They work with us

We have helped small businesses; independent professionals; management students and a non-governmental organization achieve success online and create their strong presence on social media.

Industry as we foresee

Online users are growing fast. World is digitally connected today. We see the rise in sales of smartphones, tablets, etc and also the rise in mobile apps industry. This industry is wide, fast growing, innovative, and filled with huge potential and opportunities.

A day without Internet

….. will make me lose my bucks ;-)

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are scouting for passionate people who loves social media as much as we do. Interested can drop an email at


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