Social Media Case Study: Commentweeter – ESPN Star Sports


Brand Name:

ESPN Star Sports

Agency Name:



  • To reach out to influential online personalities and get them talking about Airtel Champions League
  • Generate tremendous excitement and massive hype around the international cricket tournament ACL T20 and increase viewership
  • To make audience participate and create interesting digital ‘crowd sourced’ content
  • Targeting social Media Platform: Twitter


Twitter was the chosen platform for this activity to draw influence from maximum users.

The Hunt for the “ACL Official Commentweeter” was launched as a simple slogan contest that could get twitterati the opportunity to be a ACL Commentweeter & tweet live from the matches in South Africa for their followers.Participants were required to get as many people to retweet and vote for them.

The idea was seeded amongst influential tweeters in the hope that their participation would amplify the buzz for the activity + a media campaign on ESPN websites helped generate awareness for the contest.


  • 1400 Participants
  • 30,000+ tweets about ACL
  • 15,000 votes
  • Influencers such as @kiruba with over 50,000 followers participated and won resulting in huge buzz for the activity.
  • Live tweets from these personalities during the match created renewed interest in the ACL and helped to increase viewership.