Social Media Case Study: #FavouriteFood Twitter Contest by Froyo Foods


Brand Name:

Froyo Foods

Agency Name:

Candid Communications


  1. It was held with the aim of learning what people find most interesting in their meals.
  2. It was held to gain an insight as to what the Indian consumers love to eat.
  3. The aim was to gain an insight to the Indian consumers taste buds.


  1. Froyo foods had held a twitter contest for everyone to participate.
  2. Interactions were held on twitter.
  3. Winners of the contest were rewarded with free beverage and food vouchers


#Favouritefood became the trend in many cities like Mumbai, Hydrabad, Banglore, Ahmedabad and Chennai. It also became one of the trends in India.

Total Impressions: #Favouritefood

841 tweets generated 651,027 impressions, reaching an audience of 500,508 followers within the past 24 hours.