Social Media Case Study: Pure Air Lovers Society (PALS) by Suzlon

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Their task was to create an active online community of like‐minded people who love pure air, hate pollution, are willing to take steps in their day to day lives and make right choices that will improve the quality of air around.


The Pure Air Lovers Society was born out Suzlon’s commitment to sustainable development. Taking this objective further the PALS campaign aims to create a platform for awareness and community building around the issue of air pollution.

Supporting the website is a strong community led social media presence that tries to convince brand fans that every small change plays a small part towards a larger good. Maintaining the campaign promise of planting a tree for every PAL registration was a strong proposition that Suzlon has already lived up to.

These tree planting events held across the country were all directly seeded through online communication through Facebook, direct mailers and the website. The media campaign in association with Mudramax, focused on driving people to become PALS through the website, mobile and social media platforms.


The overwhelming response received bears testimony to the incredible success of the campaign. The campaign has witnessed 1,153,378 registered users through the website, mobile, social media and on ground activation.

With 88,669 fans on Facebook and other major social communities, blogs and platforms buzzing with conversations, discussions and exchange of information around the PALS community and campaign.

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