Twangout: Find Success with Blogging


One of the earliest forms of social media, blogging today is as crucial as ever. Facebook and Twitter may be great social media platforms but nothing beats a blog, which is a platform solely owned by you.

To help you understand how you can be effective at blogging, Social Samosa brings you an expert who will help you ‘Find Success with Blogging’

From publishing great content on the blog to marketing it to making money from it using effective monetization avenues, this ‘Twangout’ (first of it’s kind in India) will help you understand everything that is there to learn about blogging.

So join our ‘Twangout’ this Wednesday, 9th of January, between 3PM – 4PM and ask away all questions that you have about blogging.

Our Panelist

Ajeet Khurana – Angel Investor and Business Mentor.

What is a Twangout?

A Twangout integrates the dialogue of Twitter with the live video stream from Google Hangout. While your questions will be on Twitter, the answers will be through a live video – both integrated on one platform.

This will be the first time in India such an activity will be held, integrating 2 major social networks.

How do I Participate?

All you need to do is to tweet your query using the hashtag #SamosaChats and Ajeet will answer them via a live YouTube video link.

Join our Social Samosa LiveStream to track all the tweets regarding the Twitter Chat and watch Ajeet answer the questions.

Oh… and did we mention that the best question will also receive free samosas from us?

We look forward to your participation and if you have queries about the chat, feel free to ask in the comments below.

Again, don’t forget to use #SamosaChats while tweeting!

Image by Search Engine People Blog