Social Media Campaign Review : Avoid Valentines Nightmares by ItzGift

Nirali Hingwala
New Update


ItzGift launched the 'Avoid Valentines Nightmares' campaign to promote ITZ Gift cards as a valentine gift for loved one as opposed to other gifts. It communicates that expectations are not always fulfilled. Often surprises turn into nightmares. Thus, it position ITZ Cash gifting solutions as the best Valentine gift.


Users have to upload the picture of weirdest gift they can think of. They can ask their friends to vote and stand a chance to win ItzGift vouchers worth 500 rupees. The top 10 most voted entries have increased chances of winning the gift vouchers. More the votes the better!

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The concept of the campaign is unique and engaging. The campaign stands out at it communicates the message in a fun way! It will not only increase brand awareness but also induce sampling.

A lot of user-generated content in the campaign with participants incentivized to share their entries in order to gain more votes gives it a great scope of virality.

Scope of Improvement:

The campaign seems to have an incomplete message. The application could have been directed to the Itz Gift website in order to direct the traffic and convey that an Itz gift voucher will be the ideal gift for their valentine.

There seems to be less participation. The campaign could have been promoted a little more. Leveraging Facebook paid ads could have helped to maximize the success of the campaign.

Some of the entries are spammy and irrelevant .


Starkly Simple, the campaign has a different approach and is a great way to engage with its audience.

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