Social Media Campaign Review: Fujifilm “Indian Photography League”


Fujifilm India has got everyone clicking to their first of a kind, all year round photography contest called the “Indian Photography League”. It has been aimed at photography enthusiasts to contribute their pictures on a monthly theme capturing the essence of India.

Promoting Photography as a talent and engaging with amateurs is the aim of Fujifilm Indian Photography League.


The contest has been divided across months of this year. The themes have been kept to capture the essence of India in its entirety and are based on places, seasons, festivals, sports and food. A new theme for a new month.

social media campaign review fuifilm facebook

The app page on facebook shows the current theme for the month. Photographers are expected to click their best shots based on the theme along with a caption and send it to Fujifilm India within the expected time duration.

5 best original entries win prizes from Fujifilm. The single winning entry get’s to be the Photograph of the month and features in their annual calendar which will launch at the end of the year.

Entries must be original and submitted during the specified time. Multiple entries are denied.

The current theme of the month is MahaKumbh based on the Maha Kumbh mela in Allahabad.

social media campaign review fujifilm mahakumbh


The highlight of this campaign is that it doesn’t end in few weeks or a month. It is planned and is being executed for an entire year. Participants get a platform to showcase their talent over a longer duration.

With increasing prominence, Fujifim India is slowly building a community of amateur photographers around itself through this campaign.

The theme changes every month keeping it interesting and lively. Fujifilm features images on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest giving the owner the credits for the same. Even amateurs get a chance to get noticed.

There will be a lot of user generated quality content giving it a scope of virality. User generated content adds more value to engagement as users feel nice when they are openly acknowledged. This fosters loyalty towards the brand.

Scope of improvement:

The app page has an option to view the featured picture of the month selected. Along with the winning image they could also feature the top five or ten entries. Fans get to view more pictures on the theme and see their competition.

Entries can also be shown across all social networks to gain more participation. Seeing entries can be encouraging to the ones unaware of the contest too.


Indian Photography League which acronyms to its popular equivalent IPL is rather interesting, and a campaign to stay. The theme is appealing and straightforward. An opportunity for a common to be recognized.

If you love photography, be a part of the Indian Photography League here.