Social Media Campaign Review: Park Avenue Grooming Happy Hair Contest


After running the “Hit back at Hitlekar- Get out of my hair” campaign successfully, Park Avenue Grooming launched their newest hair product “Beer Shampoo” on Facebook. They took a step ahead and initiated a contest called “Happy Hair” to further promote it.


The contest revolved around the theme of Beer Shampoo. An app on the Park Avenue Grooming Facebook page called “Party Times and Gift Hampers” was used toconduct this contest.

It was a basic picture-and-slogan contest. Participants upload a picture of their hairstyle and complete the slogan “Park Avenue Beer shampoo keeps my hair happy because…” in less than 15 words. Other user entries were also visible on the contest page.

Park Avenue Grooming

Park Avenue Grooming beer shampoo

The contest entitled 3 lucky winners with gift hampers from Park Avenue Beer Shampoo.


The campaign/contest was initiated immediately after the completion of a successful one (Hit back at Hitlekar). This kept the audience engaged with loyalty towards the brand. Park Avenue Grooming maintained the synergy of the product with their pre and post launch campaigns.

It is a great way to gain valuable insights about customers and their preferences. A lot of insights gained from this campaign could be implemented in building marketing strategies and product development.

Scope of improvement:

The contest is nothing more than a simple Picture Slogan competition. It has a less scope of virality and engagement.

It was only promoted on Facebook. There is no mention of the contest on their website.

Repetitive use of the same promotional material for the contest showed lack of creativity. They could have used more creatives. Park Avenue Grooming is not present on other social media platforms.


This was a very simple contest run to maintain and promote the launch of the new product. The fans were enthusiastic and the contest acquired several entries.

To participate in this contest visit Park Avenue Grooming Party Times and Gift Hampers.