Social Media Campaign Review: The Bombay Store’s “Muchhad”


The Bombay Store has come up with a yet another social media campaign to create a buzz of their new range of ‘Muchhad’ accessories.

They call it the ‘Mucchad ho toh aisa’ campaign, run on Facebook and Twitter from 15th Feb 2013 to 1st Mar 2013.

social media campaign review the bombay store muchhad facebook


The Bombay Store made the simple “Picture-with-a-slogan” contest a little more eccentric with their ‘Muchhad ho toh Aisa’ contest on Facebook. It is an app where fans can pin a mustache on their Facebook friends pictures and post them on their wall.

You need to enter your contact details before you start playing the app. The next step involves choosing a friend and selecting a mustache to pin. You are also required to write a slogan that goes well with the image created.

social media campaign review the bombay store Muchhad enter

3 lucky winners will be selected based on their entries and will win 2 ‘Moustache men’ coffee mugs each. Extra brownie points for pictures with maximum likes and shares.

social media campaign review The Bombay Store muchhad facebook post

While this campaign was being promoted on Twitter, they launched a 2 hour hashtag contest called ‘Dialogue-Baazi’. Participants had to replace their favourite Bollywood dialogues with “Muchhad” in the most quirky way possible and win prizes.


The campaign is social in nature. It connects the brand with the user’s friends. Friends are a part of Facebook’s ethos and involving friends ensures virality.

Contact details are mandatory to participate. A good way to collect database of consumers, to use it for analysis of target audience and sampling for future use.

The 2 hour Twitter campaign received good response and participation. The theme of the contest was amusing even for non participants.

The Bombay Store has maintained the eccentricity of the brand identity with the naming and execution of the contest. It is well synchronized with the product.

Scope of improvement:

The interface off the the application could be slightly improved. The mustache is displaced a little bit in hitting the publish button.

According to the Bombay Store they received over 300 entries. Considering the duration of this campaign they received considerable participation. They could have integrated offline promotions at their outlets to further promote the campaign.

The campaign can be stretched to a longer duration. Promoting and reaching out to the audience takes time. This has resulted in limited outreach and engagement.


The Bombay Store has been active on social media with various campaigns so far. Their reach however is very limited and have moderate fan base. The “Muchhad” campaign however is quite witty and capable of generating more participation.

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