Facebook Adds Weather Forecasts to Events

facebook weather

Facebook has done something incredibly useful or it is yet another way to stop you from leaving its site. Facebook events will now include weather forecasts to the upcoming events if the event is 10 day away or less. It will also show current weather conditions to place pages such as cities, parks and neighborhoods.

While creating Facebook events, users will be able to see weather forecasts which can help them better plan their event. For people that you invite, they’ll see the predicted forecast for the location on the date of the event, as well as the the estimated high and low temperatures. All this information is provided by Weather Underground. Users can click to visit Weather Underground for full conditions and other information.


This will be available for event pages on the web as well as mobile. For locations like cities, parks and neighborhoods that have pages, you’ll see current conditions.


This small feature could be a big advantage to the users. Further, people can use the search bar to find weather for a particular location. For instance, by typing in the search bar ‘Weather for Mumbai City’. This information is provided by Bing without sending users offsite.