Microsoft Unveils ViralSearch – A Twitter Search Tool for Finding Viral Content


The trend of content going viral is on for years now and we’ve always wanted our content to get viral. But there always remain one question in our minds – what does actually getting viral means??

Microsoft has come up with an answer to it at the company’s annual TechFest event taking place this week. Microsoft revealed a new search project called ViralSearch, which currently uses Twitter as a source for all its data to analyze and display patterns of distribution on the social network.

ViralSearch offers a variety of ways to track and visualize how a story, photo or video spreads from one outlet or individual to hundreds or thousands of others. It displays the information in an interactive timeline that highlights how content becomes viral.

ViralSearch can also track contributions from single Twitter users to see what kind of effect they are having on overall sharing i.e. you can see how influential a particular person was in spreading an item.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has no plans to make it public now as it is still just a research project.

Check out the video to get a quick overview of how it works: