Sanjay Mehta Helps You Understand What is Facebook EdgeRank

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Mar 25, 2013 10:06 IST
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Sanjay Mehta Helps You Understand What is Facebook EdgeRank

Users connect with friends and brands connect through a page, where one spends maximum time while on Facebook, the News feed. It's the first page you see after logging into your Facebook account. But how entertaining are the posts you see on this page? Are they to your liking or are they plain boring from people or brands you least interact with?

In order to make your Facebook experience more worthwhile, Facebook came up with a unique feature called EdgeRank. But what is this EdgeRank and how does it work has confused most brands indefinetly since it's inception. Social Wavelength's Sanjay Mehta simplifies this term for you in the most comforting way.

He talks about the three key deciding factors that are used in the algorithm used by EdgeRank in futherance of enhancing your news feed:

  • Proximity to the person/brand
  • Weight of the post
  • Timing of the update

Knowing how EdgeRank works can do wonders to your social media strategy on your brand's Facebook page. Customizing your posts and updates to maximum users preference optimizes your growth and fan loyalty.

Tell us your views on how you would use EdgeRank to boost monetization through the use of social media in the comments box below. You can also view more videos by Sanjay Mehta in our Video Interviews section.

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