Sanjay Mehta on What do Brands Need to do Before they Adopt Social Media [Video]

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Mar 05, 2013 14:53 IST
Adopting Social Media

Brands are eager to adopt Social Media Social Media into their marketing plan. But one can't just dive in to it. There are a lot of things a brand must consider before proactively engaging on Social Media. The story begins much before that. Sanjay recommends, traditionally, the structured approach begins with listening. However, very few brands end up doing it this way.

A lot of people might be already talking about you on the social sphere. Monitor all these conversations. First identify the prevailing brand perception and draw insights from it. Social Media is a different space altogether. Its not what you want to tell others. Its about what others want to talk to you. So see if you are ready to open up to the medium?

Chalk out a plan as to what exactly you want to achieve out of Social Media. Be specific in terms of objectives, goals, Success indicators.

Sanjay adds that the tradition 4 Ps of marketing still hold a significant role in Social media. The 4 Ps being, People - whom you want to engage with, what are they doing on Social media, secondly Purpose - why are you even getting onto Social Media, the third is the plan - how will you reach out to them? And lastly process - which platforms will you chose, what are your metrics, etc.

Thus, you can have a phase vise approach while adopting Social Media that determines all these questions. Also, be ready to face embarrassing consumer questions, be ready to answer with a plan of action.

Although there is no fixed way of doing this. So take your chance and go and explore the Social space.

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