Social Media Agency Feature: Godot Media

Godot Content

Who are we?

We help businesses drive customer engagement through cutting-edge content marketing strategies, especially on Twitter and Facebook. We have a great team of 35 full time employees.

We started our operations in Bangalore in 2010. The founders are IIT/IIM alumni. The Godot team comprises of highly driven, passionate and skilled online media professionals, writers, researchers and editors. Our team boasts of immense diversity in professional and academic backgrounds.

You can find more information about our company on our website.

What’s in the name?

Godot Content

The dot in Godot signifies the online component of the business model. That is why we pronounce the name as [go-dot], without the funny silent French t.

What we do?

Content marketing, social media and blog management, custom web content development and distribution, copywriting for various media, eBook creation and distribution, and several other related services/solutions.

Why we do it?

Because, we want to address this growing need that businesses have for content marketing solutions. As content creation and marketing is not a core activity for most businesses and requires specialists businesses need service providers who can provide quality content marketing solutions.

How we evolve?

We stay at the leading edge of this industry by adapting our solutions to the latest trends. We constantly interact with a lot of our clients to understand which need gaps to bridge next.

Social responsibility in social media

We work with NGOs helping them promote their cause on social media. We do this as part of our CSR initiative.

Need of the hour

To create more visibility into social media ROI.

We learned the hard way

Never lose sight of your competitors.

They work with us

Sotheby’s realty, AES International, Ezbob, are few of the clients that we have worked with.

Industry as we foresee

There is a lot of potential for growth. People are becoming more and more active on social media. As far as India is concerned, the industry would continue to grow even faster for at least the next decade.

A day without Internet

Is not worth getting out of your bed for :)

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are currently looking for people who love to write. If you have a passion and talent for writing and wish to become a member of our growing team of writers and editors in full time or part time capacity or even as a freelancer, send us your CV with a cover note at [email protected]