Social Media Campaign Review: PowerLight A Village by Garnier Men India

Dhwani Gandhi
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PowerLight A Village on Facebook

The ‘PowerLight A Village’ campaign by Garnier Men India aims at creating awareness among consumers to contribute through their pledges on social media and be a part of a movement. It is a movement aimed at accelerating the process of electrification of lightless villages across India using solar power.

The campaign aims to improve the lives of thousands of people across India living in light-less villages by providing households with 1 solar lamp, 1 solar tube light and 1 solar panel.


Garnier Men has collaborated with Project Chirag for the implementation of the campaign. It has released a Facebook Application where you can contribute and also see your personal contribution as well as total contribution by others.

PowerLight A Village on Facebook 1

Contributing to this campaign is very simple. You don’t have to contribute anything in cash or kind, just the support towards the initiative online, will help the team light up another village.

Every Tweet, like, share and comment, will contribute a predetermined unit of energy. This will be coupled with activations on-ground that will allow Men to come and pedal bicycles which will be recording the energy generated.

PowerLight A Village on Facebook

A summation of these activities will eventually be translated into actual energy donation through the solar equipment.


Aligning the brand with a Social Cause enhances its reputation, and Social Media gives it a momentum.

Standing true to the tagline ‘Take Care’, Garnier Men launched a unique social media campaign to to provide an effective and sustainable solution to the problem of lightlessness by harnessing the power of sunlight.

Unlike other campaigns, PowerLight a village shows you a detailed impact of the campaign through its application. The campaign has a great potential of Virality to maximize the impact. The concept subtly endorses Garnier Power Light range of products and it presents Garnier as a green brand.

The application shows the number of households impacted with the campaign. Thus, users can see the impression left and can contribute to it.

PowerLight A Village on Facebook

The campaign is well promoted on other platforms. Not only the concept, but also the interface, design, look and feel of the application is up to the mark!

It also keeps its audience engaged on Twitter with interactive tweets and contests related to the campaign.

Scope of Improvement:

An option of Call-To-Action like 'Invite Friends' would have gained more popularity and in return more participation.


In my opinion, it is a very good initiative by Garnier Men India to improve the lives of thousands of people across India living in light-less villages with a subtle brand activity. The Brand message is knitted within the activity in a subtle manner.

This campaign is on its rising so far and is gaining great response.

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