Social Media Campaign Review: Roadies X Predictions

roadies predictions


The Roadies X Predictions campaign is in connection with the popular television reality show MTV Roadies – Battle for Glory.The objective of the campaign is to involve and create engagement with its viewers and enable them to sense the heat of the show.


The sturdy and vigorous look of the website completely justifies the tagline ‘Battle for Glory’. Participating in Roadies X Predictions is very easy. Go onto the website and log in with your Facebook account and you are ready to predict.

Roadies X Predictions   Application 1

You have to makes predictions using virtual money – Roadies Dollars (R$). You are given R$ 10,000 at the start and gets an additional R$ 500 every day you log into the prediction application. You can invest a maximum of R$ 1000 per question.

Roadies X Predictions

Every week there is one event created for every episode and has several questions. You have to predict what will happen in the coming episode and invest a few Roadies Dollars. If you win, the amount with the pay out is credited to your account.

Roadies X Predictions

In this way, keep predicting and try to win as many predictions you can and increase your Roadies Dollar. More the Dollars you have, higher is your rank on leaderboard. First 50 Participants on the leaderboard win Roadies X Merchandise.


It is not compulsory to ‘like’ the page which shows that the main objective of the brand is not to gain likes on the page but to give users a sight of the show.

The campaign goes on for several days and it is very addictive in nature. It keeps you coming back.

The Prediction questions change every week keeping it more lively and interesting. It also shows upcoming events so that same audience can join in for the next predictions as well. It also makes the audience watch the show for the next prediction.

The app is also very well designed and easy to navigate.

Scope of Improvement:

The campaign is not well promoted on the Facebook page. Facebook page has more that 5.5 million likes where as the campaign response is at the most 9400 predictions which is relatively very low. As the campaign runs in integration with the Facebook account, it could have been promoted a little more on the Facebook page. That could have led to a better response.

Conclusion :

There is a very good integration between the show, the website and the Facebook Page. The campaign is highly engaging and fosters loyalty. It seems MTV Roadies has done their homework on its audience, it knows what they are passionate about, what is going to get them excited.
In my opinion it is a win win game for MTV Roadies.