Social Media Case Study: Student of the Year

Student of the Year

Brand Name:

Student Of The Year (Movie)

Agency Name:

Everymedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


The aim of the whole campaign was to create maximum buzz around the movie. This was done by launching the three major stars Varaun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt and Siddharth Malhotra in a larger than life way.

Student of the Year


They communicated with an aim to focus on the ‘Competition of Life’ by connecting with the passions and emotions of the fans and followers on social media platforms.

For this they ran several contests, activities & used other assets like songs, dialogues, movie stills & Apps to promote the essence of the movie and generate more liking for the movie.

Fish Pond App Friend Circuit App

Result: (In a span of 91 days)
  • Facebook: Over 600,000 Fans
  • Twitter: Over 7,500 Followers
  • YouTube: Over 19 million views on the videos of the movie + The channel subscribers increased by over 16,000
  • Website Views: Over 44 Lakhs views