Social Samosa Mumbai Meetup

Block your dates Mumbai folks, the much awaited Mumbai meetup is now happening!

Social Samosa Meetup

Mumbai is supposed to be the place for Social Media junta, and probably the only city with the most active online users. The last meetup in Delhi was on a weekday & had 40+ industry people show up in short notice! So, if you are in Mumbai and are associated with social media in any which way, then drop by and meet the team behind Social Samosa & other industry folks! It doesn’t mater if you are an executive, a brand manager, an agency owner, a startup, a consultant or even the one who doesn’t care about social media, come by & meet the other folks around to have a good conversation. Just come by and say Hi. :)

Agenda: The meetup will be an informal casual event just like your ideal Friday night. The agenda is to connect and share experiences among people. You could talk about any social media aspect, the annoying client you are tolerating, give & take a lot of gyaan or anything else! There are no rules & all that is needed is probably some enthusiasm.

There is NO entry fees at all. Just come, network, chill and if you order something, you pay for it. The lovely folks at Mocha Mojo will have their More for Less Menu running during the event.

Folks who want to attend the meetup, please register below.


Date: Friday, 5th April, 2013.

Time: 8pm to 12am.

Venue: Mocha Mojo, Hill Road, Bandra West. Locate on map.

Registrations Closed!

A big shout out to our sponsor Pepsi and our supporting partners Cogmat, Jack in the box worldwide and iGenero.








Here’s what happened at the Mumbai Meetup:

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