Shashi Tharoor to Participate in a Google Hangout on May 9th

shashi tharoor

The most famous politician on Twitter, Dr. Shashi Tharoor will be participating in a Google Hangout on the 9th of May. The Minister of State for Human Resources Development will be taking your questions on The Future of Higher Education.

Feel free to ask any question and, in his own words, question his answers as well.

You can ask your questions at:

The page has already received 159 questions and some them are highly pertinent. But only the top 3 most voted questions will get to be a part of this hangout. While there can be 10 participants in a hangout, this one only will have only 4 people including Dr. Tharoor. We wonder why a small participation.

It must be noted that last year, Gujarat CM Narendra Modi participated in a Google Hangout as well which was hosted by Ajay Devgn. This hangout by Dr. Tharoor follows the same format.

Do you think Dr. Tharoor will be able to create a much bigger impact than Narendra Modi? Share your views in the comments below.