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Social Media Agency Feature: GenY Medium
Who are we?

GenY Medium is a full service digital marketing firm. We are one year old. GenY Medium was co-founded by 3 individuals: Yashwant Kumar, Richa Sethia and Ravi Jain.

Both Yashwant Kumar & Ravi Jain are alumni of IIT Bombay and worked together at P&G to master the art of consumer understanding and marketing and wanted to apply marketing principals to new age social media. The lack of competence of some larger digital agencies they worked for, were in fact the inspiration to start out. Richa Sethia has been an entrepreneur in the internet space and has had hands on experience in social media.

GenY Management

What's in the name?

Gen Y Team

The name implies marketing using the media form most preferred by the young generation (Gen-Y). Thus, GenY Medium

What we do?

We are a full service digital marketing firm. Specifically, we engage in:

1. Search marketing (SEM)

2. Community building and management on social platforms (facebook, twitter, pinterest, Google+, linkedin)

3. Online reputation management – through our proprietary tools

4. Social media analytics – through our proprietary tools

5. Content creation – blogs, articles, infographic, animation videos

6. Mobile based branding – through app

Why we do it?

Each one of the founders have had hands on experience with digital marketing in the past. The experience of dealing with this new media form and the lack of expertise of understanding around indicated that there was a clear need for an agency which brought the rigour of marketing fundamentals and understanding the social media together. GenY Medium was formed to address this need.

How we evolve?

Read, practice, and introspect. We follow this mantra and so do all our team members.

Social responsibility in social media

Integrity in handling sensitive data is paramount. While there are a plethora of agencies out there, bigger brands will go with those teams who have a sense of responsibility and systems to avoid misuse of transparency.

Need of the hour

Original content and not plagiarized content should be rewarded. Copycats should be penalized. Easier said than done, however, we hope for better regulations. Above all, we expect a sense of integrity amongst agencies, employees of agencies and brand teams.

We learned the hard way

Patience might be the key to success! Expecting transactions and sales from day one is the wrong start to a campaign. Play for the long term and advocate the same.

Did we just share that?

GenY Share

They work with us

GenY Clients

Industry as we foresee

Trends we see are as follows:

1. Tremendous growth and more and more brands start leveraging the social medium

2. Consolidation in the industry – too many mom-and-pop shops cropping up. A few good ones will emerge out as serious players

3. Vocational training programs to develop talent would grow

A day without Internet

Bliss :) On other days, we are tuned in 24/7.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Hiring a key accounts manager. 3-4 years’ experience in handling digital media clients for mainstream agencies required.

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