Social Media Campaign Review: Dell, 'I CAN DO KUCH BHI' Twitter Contest

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Social Media Campaign Review: Dell, 'I CAN DO KUCH BHI' Twitter Contest

We all have dreams and realizing those dreams is about pursuing them with passion and commitment. Using technology to realize your dreams no matter how far fetched they may seem, has been the central theme for advertising Dell notebooks for some time now. Dell has launched its new campaign for the Inspiron series of NoteBooks from 26th April, 2013 on all leading entertainment channels.

The campaign includes the “I Can Do Kuch BhiTwitter campaign which launched on 27th April and it is something those of you who want to flash those ambitions out in the open must try.


Inspiron is one of the key brands in Dell India’s consumer products portfolio and its primary target audience is the Indian youth. With this campaign on Twitter, Dell seeks to add power to its latest Inspiron advertising campaign hinging on personal achievement and motivation to go out there and get what you want simply because you have the power of technology.

Taking their campaign to a social media platform like Twitter helps Dell target its market segment better while making the campaign, short and fun, just like Twitter!


The contest, I CAN DO KUCH BHI, invites you to tweet about your Passion and makes you say #icandokuchbhi using the aid of technology. Tweets that best represent your passion while correlating them with the possible use of technology to achieve that passion in the best possible manner will be the winners.

Contest guidelines
  • All tweets needs to have #icandokuchbhi
  • There is no limit to the number of tweets that you submit
  • Contest begins at 10 am on April 27th and closes at 10 pm on April 29th.

10 people with the most interesting tweets will get a Dell branded t-shirt with their tweet printed on the shirts. The best tweet will bag the grand prize: a Dell Inspiron Laptop.

Terms and conditions of the contest can be accessed here


As a product, Inspiron is aimed at the Indian youth and this is probably why the new Dell TVC highlighting personal achievements and triumphs has been conceptualized and developed by the Dell India team in collaboration with Grey.

While the youth segment of the Indian market is well informed and possesses ambition, clarity of thought and intention in abundance, it is also very dynamic.  If it gets a better product and value for money it will take it.  Young India is restless and resilient and their dreams are about realization of their passions which is beyond power and money.

Dell as a brand has always believed in aiding the pursuit of passion to fuel personal achievement and the new TV commercial together with the Twitter campaign is a reflection of this belief.

Scope for Improvement

Frankly I see the campaign as a vibrant, new wave in social media efforts by Dell and don’t spot any flaws as such. An offline effort is something that would probably have been a good addition to the overall campaign.


The Twitter “I can Do Kuch Bhi” campaign by Dell is in line with the brand’s overall positioning of Inspiron as the ‘Can Do’ factor behind the spirit of youth today.  While this is achieved by showcasing how Dell Inspiron is an enabler for personal achievement, through the different features of the Inspiron like the touchscreen, HD webcam, etc in the TVC campaign, the Twiiter campaign adds an interesting and interactive twist.

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