Social Media Campaign Review: Fox Traveller, Where Will Your Signature Take You?

Aarti Samant
New Update
Fox Traveller

Fox Traveller and have joined hands to make some travellers out there happy through a brand new social media campaign.

Fox Traveller


The “Where will your signature take you?” campaign aims to reach out to all those eager explorers and surprise them with an unmapped journey. The campaign is focused on creating engagement through social gamification and a bit of the luck factor.


The app takes the user to a blank canvas where he is asked to sign at a random spot using the mouse. The user has an option to reject till the time he or she is sure. After approving the signature and its location, the app unveils the country that the user is going to visit along with brief information about the destination.

Fox Signature

The application then urges the user to go ahead and invite friends to play the app. If the friends accept the invitation and play the game their names will be displayed in the users' 'Friends Gallery'. The user has an interesting option to select the friends with whom he or she would like to go on a trip. The catch is that the user with maximum numbers of friends confirmed will be eligible to make it to the final level.


We've have signed on multiple paperwork a lot of times, but we are always sure what we are signing for. But this campaign promises users a chance to visit the place on which the user signs - Fox Traveller and Yatra will take the user there.

The application has the element of surprise alive and makes the user go that extra mile to get ahead in the race. Overall, the effort has been great and gels well with the Fox Traveller's brand thought - 'This journey is fun!'.

Scope of Improvement:

According to me, the most important thing that is missing here is a leaderboard, which users can view every day and find out who is leading at the moment.

Another layer that could have been added to the campaign wherein users could challenge the top participants using the invite option to keep adding new friends in the gallery. I believe the campaign could have become even more popular because of this.


It’s interesting how Fox Traveller and are engaging users with an exciting contest to fight for their destination. The campaign surely brings a smile to my face and to be very honest, I could use a surprise vacation at the moment!

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