Social Media Campaign Review: Sony Xperia Z Launch #bestofSony

Sony launched its new smartphone, the Xperia Z, in the Indian market in the first week of March. The launch was called #bestofSony. While the campaign has been launched across mediums, user engagement was prominent across social media.

Sony Xperia Launch Best of Sony


The campaign aims to generate a buzz around the launch of the new phone by attempting to engage fans fans through a gaming format.


Hosted on a microsite, fans are invited to play a game that involves finding the hidden Sony Xperia Z devices. In order to do so, fans are required to navigate across various cities. Every time a fan finds a device, a small window opens up which highlights a feature of the phone. Every sixth day a new city is unlocked. Lucky winners stand to win Xperia prizes and a trip to Maldives.

Xperia Smart Challenge Choose City

With cities being unlocked every 6 days, gaming is almost a weekly affair. During the week, there are posts about the product’s features and its brand ambassador Katrina Kaif.


Since a new city is unlocked every 6 days, fans must keep coming back every time a city is unlocked to improve their chances of winning. Fans are also encouraged to invite friends and again, higher the number of friends invited, higher the probability of winning.

Xperia City Locked

The game is hosted on a microsite, which leaves room for fans to explore the microsite which also gives information on Sony products, news and store locations among other details.

The biggest positive for me, is the fact that every time a device is found in the game, a feature of the phone is displayed. This is a great way to serve fans with product information.

Xperia Features

Scope of Improvement

The game could have been promoted better on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and perhaps even on a medium like television to entice more people to play the game.

While the campaign has a long run, there is always a chance of users not coming back in the following weeks, when new cities are unlocked.


Overall, the campaign focuses on generating a buzz about the new product through user engagement.