Social Media Case Study: Againn – Beg, Borrow or Steal


About the company:

Againn is a registered trademark of Nloop Marketing Pvt. Ltd. which provides a seamless shopping experience by giving rewards on every transaction. It is a common loyalty program which allows users to access loyalty programs of multiple merchants on a single platform. Users have the option to cross-redeem their rewards – they can earn points by shopping with one merchant and redeem them while shopping with another. Merchants/Retailers from various industries can integrate with Againn to access an existing pool of registered users to run and promote their reward program.

Campaign Name:

Beg, Borrow or Steal : The spirit of Holi

Campaign Background:

Prior to executing the campaign, Againn had a registered user base of 500 and about 1800 fans on Facebook. We wanted to increase the engagement of our existing fans and gain more registered users. The target audience was very precise. We wanted to reach people who were regular online shoppers. Since the concept of Againn would only appeal to people who shop online regularly, targeting was really important.
Also, since the campaign was to be launched around Holi, it was decided that the theme on the campaign would be ‘colours’.

Campaign Overview

The campaign lasted one week. Every day, we would announce a ‘Colour of the Day’. The participants had to collect and upload the screenshot of invoices of any product of this colour bought online. They had 24 hours to beg, borrow or steal the invoices from their shopaholic friends. They were to upload the entries using a dedicated Facebook app.


Multiple entries were allowed. You won 15 points for each entry you posted. (This ensured that participants contacted as many friends as they could to collect invoices and in turn spread the word)

The invoices had to be for the products bought online in 2013 only. (This ensured that we were reaching people who have shopped online recently)

There was a gift (15 points) for each entry posted. (To increase participation)

The reward points would be credited to participants’ Againn account. (To increase registrations)


The campaign was marketed extensively using both online and offline channels. The teasers and ‘Colour of the Day’ were sent via SMS to all registered users. There winners and colours were announced publicly on both Facebook and Twitter. The teaser on Facebook and Twitter were posted continuously for two days before the contest.


The campaign attracted close to 400 entries inspite of having just 1800 fans on facebook page. The page gained 247 likes thanks to the campaign. The number of people talking about the page rose to 700 from just 30. There were 60 new registrations on the website. The overall winner was sent t-shirts with punch line “Againn certified shopaholic”.