Social Media Case Study: Citibank OMG! Sale on Facebook

Brand Name:


Agency Name:



Bring Citibank card customers a unique shopping experience during the festive period. Provide a fillip to the Indian e-commerce industry by benefiting partnering e-tailers.

  • SapientNitro actively promoted OMG! Sale on the Citibank India Facebook page to benefit existing and potential Citibank card holders
  • The first campaign teaser went live on 30th November, 2012
  • A pendulum shaped, countdown cover image of the OMG! Sale campaign as a teaser was uploaded on December 3rd and 4th, 2012
  • A dedicated Citibank OMG! Sale event page was created two days prior to the start of the mega sale
  • The event link was shared on the brands Facebook wall
  • Interesting OMG! Videos were shared on Citibank Indiaᾼs Facebook wall
  • Updates shared about the launch of the OMG! Sale

Key Results:

  • Citibank card spends grew eight times over average daily spends at the 17 partner websites
  • The average ticket size increased by 30% for the partner websites on Citibank cards
  • Partner merchants reported 50% reduction on cash on deliveryᾼ mode of payment
  • Citibank India Facebook page achieved the highest reach ever in 2012 – 20,95,104 and the highest virality – 7.63% during the OMG! Sale

Campaign Results:

  • Total Reach: 5,417,504
  • Total Engaged Users: 75,128
  • Total Talking About This: 42,350
  • Total Likes: 25,354
  • Total comments: 368
  • Total Shares: 727
  • Highest reach ever in 2012: 2,095,104
  • Highest virality for event : 7.63 %