Twitter Chat: How Brands Can Use Analytics to Make Business Decisions

Analytics has always been an integral part of any business strategy. Taking a business decision requires that you have a good amount of relevant data in your hands.

And thanks to social media, the amount of data that brands have with them is not only huge, but is also highly valuable.

However, the challenge lies in sorting through this treasure trove of data and coming up with metrics that are relevant to your brand. You also need to analyze this data in a way that helps you come across actionable insights.

To help you demystify the cloud around the analysis of social media data mining, Social Samosa presents to you our #SamosaChats Twitter Chat on How Brands Can Use Analytics to Make Business Decisions. You can ask any question you have about social media analytics using the hashtag #SamosaChats and it will be answered by our expert panelist from Unmetric Inc.



April 24th. 3 PM to 4 PM

Our Panelist

Lakshmanan Narayan – CEO & Co-founder, Unmetric Inc.

How to Join the Twitter Chat?

In order to participate in this chat, you need to follow the hashtag #SamosaChats. If you want to ask a question or want to share your views, you can post using this hashtag.

The moderator (@Social_Samosa) will go through all the tweets and will present questions to the panelist for discussion. The panelist will answer the question and you are most welcome to discuss the answer with the panelist.

Through these invaluable discussions, we hope to help our participants explore and understand social media analytics in a better way.

This hashtag is what will hold the discussion together, so you are requested to use #SamosaChats every time you tweet your queries or views.

How to Track the Hashtag?

Join our Social Samosa LiveStream to track all the tweets regarding the Twitter Chat.

Oh… and did we mention that the best question will also receive free samosas from us?

We look forward to your participation and if you have queries about the chat, feel free to ask in the comments below.

Again, don’t forget to use #SamosaChats while tweeting!