Vijay Sales Celebrates 1 Lakh fans in an Innovative way

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Vijay Sales Celebrates 1 Lakh fans in an Innovative way

We have often seen brands hit the golden numbers in terms of fans and page likes on their brand pages. We have also seen how brands take this opportunity to do something different. One brand however is going out of their way, celebrating this mark with uber gratitude.

With more than 52 stores across West India and in the Capital, Vijay Sales, a well-known electronic retail brand is all set to celebrate the joy of having 1 lakh fans on their Facebook page today, the 30th of April 2013, 11am onwards. About 45 Employees from the brand's flagship store in Prabhadevi, Mumbai will come forth on social media channels and thank fans 1,00,000 times – 1 ‘Thank You’ per fan, all in a day's time.

Vijay Sales Celebrates 1Lakh fans: "Thank You"

The entire activity will broadcast live through their Facebook Page. To make it a true brand experience, it will be filmed and broadcast using only the gadgets and technology available in-store, with no external material used. This activity also conveys the potential power available to the end customer. The brand believes that everybody has the power to create and host their own Online Video Channel, with the help of a few easily available gadgets.

The celebration will continue on Twitter along with the YouTube channel. Tweets will be tagged with #100k. Lucky Participants using the hashtag will be thanked personally, on Air. What's more is the host of prizes that will be given out to fans who interact with them during the broadcast.

"We wanted to convey our heartfelt gratitude to our existing fans while ensuring we create an avenue of excitement on our Digital Space and among our employees", says Ashish Gupta, Director, Vijay Sales.

This campaign speaks amounts of the importance given to a customer from the brand's end. It's the fans afterall who make the brand's presence worthwhile in the market. Integrating customer and employee engagement, while making both the customer and employee feel significant, is brilliantly conceptualized.

Cogmat, a Digital Media Agency from Mumbai is organizing the event.

Cogmat Indian Social Media Campaigns Vijay Sales 1 Lakh fans