Social Media Campaign Review: Granny V/s Crannies by Cadbury



Bournville is one of the two new premium chocolate treats introduced by Cadbury India Ltd.  The full dark chocolate Cadbury Bournville range is available in five variants – Raisin & Nut, Hazelnut, Rich Coco, Almond and now Cranberry.  As usual Cadbury has some great promotional tricks up its sleeve as it propels the Bournville cranberry range in to the spotlight.  For all those full dark chocolate lovers here is a novel campaign.


The Granny Versus Crannies campaign involves an animation ad showcasing a ‘granny’ who is a cranberry enthusiast and can do anything to get her hands on one.  The case in point here is that cranberries are hard to find and granny undeterred by her age is all set to try nunchuks, trampoline, skydiving and slingshots to get her hands on the elusive cranberries.  The central idea is to highlight the presence of the rare cranberries in the popular dark chocolate brand Bournville.

granny BournvilleExecution:

The campaign comprises of a series of animated videos in which granny is on the hunt for cranberries and she’s not letting anything get in her way.  Quite the sporty kind she’s trying every trick in the bag be it nunchuks, trampoline, skydiving or slingshots as she is determined to get her favorite cranberries.  The videos end with the line cranberries are hard to find!

The animated videos that can be viewed on YouTube are the mainstay of the campaign while the Facebook page supplements the effort with posts, updates, questions and photos revolving around the theme.

granny Cadbury BournvillePositives:

The videos are fun and the concept of an old lady seeking cranberries is new and refreshing.  Te granny in question is cute and quite the adventurous kind.  The range of activities she carries out is wide drawing interest from people who are interested in different sports and have a flair for adventure.

granny FacebookScope for Improvement:

A dedicated app or a contest that would let people participate, even perhaps join granny on her quest for cranberries might have been more interesting.  While the videos are entertaining, they reduce the audience to mere spectators and the absence of the interactive element stands out.

granny FacebookConclusion:

Cadbury Bournville has always sought to position itself as a premium dark chocolate brand in India.  All its earlier advertising endeavors have focused on the hard to find, made for a few aspect and exclusive aspect of the brand.  The Granny versus Crannies campaign as such is in line with the brand’s exclusivity quotient.  While it is entertaining and different, it lacks the interactive touch which could have been provided by a contest or an app.


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