Social Media Campaign Review: Great Start Great Day by Kelloggs Corn Flakes India

Kellogg s Corn Flakes

As a market leader in cornflakes in India, Kelloggs has made its presence felt through advertising initiatives both online and offline, colorful packaging backed by a well entrenched distribution network at retail stores across the country.

Have you checked out their Facebook app?


The latest Facebook initiative in the form of the Great Start Great Day app is one in a number of Facebook initiatives by the brand. In line with its central theme, the app seeks to further consolidate Kellooggs cornflakes as the number one choice when it comes to healthy breakfast options in India.

This time the objective also includes introducing a number of yummy fruity flavors like Mango and Strawberry in the line of products.



A specially designed Facebook app hosts the initiative. You have to like the Kelloggs India page and you will be able to use the app. The app says Kellogs cornflakes are loaded with Iron Shakti and the like and invites you to read more. If you click on “read more” you are lead to a web page which gives you some more information on the product and its healthy quotient.

Kellogg's Corn Flakes India


The concept is simple and there is no long drawn quiz, contest or campaign you have to deal with, which might be good for a change. The idea of the app is to give information about each of their flavours. It is also driving traffic to their website.

The campaign can be easily measured. Insights can be drawn with the help of this app – like for example, which flavour got the maximum clicks,

Scope for Improvement

However, the complete lack of action does make you wonder what the idea behind the app and the information dished out is? There could have been a call to action like store locator, feed back form, etc. This application is only one sided communication. There is no way to converse with the users. In addition, one cannot share or tweet their favourite flavours. There is hardly any potential for it to go viral.

It might be a little too simple and uninteresting when seen in the light of other brands who are pulling out all stops to promote their Facebook endeavours with contests and bumper prizes.

Someone needs to think about this aspect. Why should people come to the page and like it and want to read more?

Perhaps tying it up with summer and a cool breakfast option like cornflakes in milk before you gear up to watch the IPL or run off with friends (considering its summer vacation time for kids in India) might have worked better?


The Facebook endeavour supplements Kelloggs overall brand strategy which is to consolidate its position as a market leader in the breakfast cereals segment in India.  It has Sakshi Tanwar promoting it on television and online but the television advertisements score higher than the online effort in terms of generating interest.


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