Facebook Announced Global Roll Out of Promoted Page Likes

Today, Facebook has announced a worldwide roll out of Promoted Page Likes, an easier way for Page owners to run ads that promote their Pages. Promoted Page Likes are designed to allow Page owners to create ads, aimed at gaining new fans, directly from their Page. It was first made available to U.S. businesses in December

It has always been difficult for Page Administrators and Small Businesses for scaling connections to their Pages to find new customers. Increasing the size of their fan base has been a challenge.

Now, in the Page Admin view, Page owners can simply click the Promoted Page Likes panel, select a budget, and start running their campaigns. Promoted Page Like ads can run on both mobile and desktop News Feed, and these ads target an audience in a location selected by the Page owner. They will run will run until you stop your promotion.

Promoted Page Likes

How it works

Pick Your Daily Budget

See the estimated number of new likes your Page can get each day. The amount you pay to run the Page Like campaign each day depends on how many people you want to reach.
facebook ad budget

Pick Your Daily Budget

See the estimated number of new likes your Page can get each day.
Facebook ad targeting

Promote Your Page

Your ads will include a link that makes it easy for people to like your Page.
facebook page promote

This new way of buying an ad is very similar to promoted posts, in that the ad creation happens on the SMB’s Page. The difference is that while promoted posts are primarily aimed at engaging current fans, this new feature is aimed at attracting new fans.
Small businesses often don’t have the time and resources to spend on creating ads in the ads create tool, so this new way will help business owners simplify the process.

Image Source: Facebook