Facebook Confession Pages – a Boon or a Curse?

facebook confessions

The Facebook Confession Pages have become the talk of the town recently and have attracted a lot of audience – so much that more or less every confession page has a couple of 10000+ likes.Confession

These Pages have their owns pros and cons.  If we look at it in a positive way, then yes these confession pages can serve as a platform which can help you come out in public & share what you feel, without revealing your identity.

A person who is confessing may be in a problem, he may have a question in mind or may be confused about a particular situation in life. He may want to seek help from people on these pages but this could as well backfire and put them into dejection. How? People are there to rub salt on your wounds. Facebook is public. If you are going to share your feelings on a public platform, you will get positive as well as negative feedback, everyone has a different opinion & thus you might end up in a bigger dilemma.

Some of these confession pages have derogatory comments about women & their school/college staff. If someone mentions a name, there are chances of things getting even worse. Since most of these confessions are posted anonymously by the Admins of the pages, the confessors take full advantage and don’t miss out the opportunity to malign someone they dislike.

Not only has this become a trend but also almost every college student wants to have his/her own confession page. If you google “Facebook Confession Pages” you will get many links to people asking about how to make these confession pages.  There are even video tutorials made & posted on youtube to make it easier & help those interested in making a confession page.

A few of these confession pages have landed up in a trouble due to their posts. Recently, In Mumbai, The Cyber Crime Cell issued notices to the administrators of five college confession pages asking them to remove the objectionable content posted by the Admin which they received by the confessors.

I am appalled by the kind of confessions made by adults on these pages. Here is one of the confession which I came across of late on the “IIM Confessions” Page.

IIM Confessions

Here’s a Post from the Page – Whatsapp Confessions  :

Confession 5060#(AN) : admin please post this and I want ur help. Hello,I’m 19.I love a girl and I think she also likes me because she 1st proposed me. But,she don’t believe in love because her ex-boyfriend broke her heart and dated another girl. She don’t want to be in a relationship but I want to be. She also thinks that all men are same. So,what should I do so that she’ll believe in love and be in a relationship with me?I think I really abused her for being in relationship with me.Now I think she got disturbed and said me to leave her alone.What should I do ?

Admin:evry gals thnk d same aftr brkup…:/ u shudnt hve abused her…giv her sum tym…i knw she vil b fyn…

After reading the post you may roughly guess that this page is also made by a college student. The kind of audience which I have seen interacting on the page are mostly the young teenagers who are juvenile & excited to comment or make fun on the misery of others, However the Admins seem to act the role of “an agony aunt”.

When asked a friend about the latest confession fad, this is what she replied

“It’s a waste, a way of taking out exam frustrations, literally – i mean my sister is in the final year of college & her exams are on head but she’s totally occupied with confession pages”

Personally, If you ask me, I am not a fan of these Confession Pages & believe these are just waste of time. I would rather prefer sharing my personal confessions either with my close friends or just pen it down in a note book than let people laugh over it.

What’s your take on it? According to you how helpful are these pages? What are the pros and cons? Would you ever confess about something on a Facebook Page? Do share in your views!