How Music Waves Traveling on Facebook Actually Look

Gurman Bhatia
May 30, 2013 12:13 IST
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Music on Facebook

We use Facebook for multiple tasks. The usage has expanded from sharing and learning to watching videos and listening to music. Yes, music. With the Facebook Open Graph and apps integrated through it, listening to music is an even easier experience. According to a post on the Facebook Stories, more than 110 million songs, albums and radio stations have been played 40 billion times through apps integrated with Facebook’s Open Graph.

So, how is it when all these sound waves travel on Facebook? You might have seen sound waves in graphical representation earlier, but nothing beats this rendition of music on Facebook. Inspired by old style graphic equalizers, the beat map illustrates the number of plays for the most popular songs on Facebook in the United States over a period of 90 days.

Music on Facebook

In this video, different colours each representing a song, rise and fall according to geographic locations. The texture of the map is driven by BPMs (beats per minute) and changes as one song overtakes another in hits or popularity. Interesting idea, right? Take a look for yourself.

">Mapping Music on Facebook from Facebook Stories on Vimeo.

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