Why LinkedIn is Important for Your Professional Future

Gurinder Batra
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Most people are extremely active on various social media platforms with the most popular pick being Facebook. Although a lot of people have LinkedIn accounts, Facebook or Twitter tends to overshadow it. The reason for inactivity on LinkedIn might be an existing job or lack of motivation to fill in the required details on the website.

Here are a couple of reasons that stress on the importance of having a proper LinkedIn account irrespective of your current employment status.

1. LinkedIn helps in building a network of people that you know and have similar work backgrounds, interests, skills etc. Knowing a lot of people is never a negative feature. The more people you know the more chances you have at improving your work lifestyle, with or without changing the job that you are at. Also connections can help you out in situations that you might encounter during the course of your employment.

2. By filling up all your details on LinkedIn such as your name, profile picture, employment status, company name, job position etc you create more awareness about your company and its work. Also if you are currently unemployed your profile acts as a CV that has the potential to be viewed by a lot of prospective employers. Therefore this is why having a detailed profile page is beneficial for your business and you as well.

3. The third feature is that apart from hosting your page, LinkedIn has tons of other people putting up their credentials on it as well. This helps in probable vacancies or openings in your office or workplace. With its easy to use interface one can easily type in the required degree and skills that an open job position requires and contact the names that come up in the search.

4. LinkedIn also has an option to create a social circle within the site. This comprises of people sharing the same common interest or technical background. By mingling with people who share the knowledge of the work you do, you can expand on your knowledge as well as learn more about the industry and the environment. Being with like minded people can help in creating a network that can be used for business purposes as well.

LinkedIn gives a user the opportunity to either kick start his career or maybe advance the one that he is currently employed into. With its large database of people using the website it also gives them the option to find the appropriately qualified people to assist them in their ventures or simply bounce some ideas back and forth.

Moreover, the all new LinkedIn Recruiter permits companies and recruiters to access complete profile information, without LinkedIn users knowing they are being looked up. Therefore this website offers a little more advantage to your work life as opposed to Facebook and Twitter.

It is recommended that you fill in your LinkedIn profile with all the relevant details and join a couple of groups to maximise the benefits that this site has to offer. Having a detailed up to date profile might open some doors for you by creating a long chain of networking and connections.

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