Rotomac Pens has Appointed Social Squared for their Social and Digital Media Communication

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Rotomac Pens has appointed Social Squared to handle all their social and digital media communication. Rotomac Global Private Limited is the leading manufacturer and exporter of diversified range of ball pens having satisfied customer base. Social Squared has been given the mandate to design and execute the full-fledged social media presence of Rotomac.

Ms. Kanika Grover (Product Manager, Rotomac) answered a few questions about the need for social media & the association with Social Squared.

On – why social media:

Social Media – It’s the only place where I get to interact with my TG directly, know more about what are his likes and dislikes, know his views on my brand and its communication, all this without asking him to come out of his comfort zone. Expectations – It should be able to tell me all about my TG and tell my TG all about my brand.

Social Squared – Meets up to our expectations of being a boutique agency who completely understands what the client wants and presents it on the social platform with NON run-of-the mill ideas. Perfectly understood that Rotomac was getting into the social arena for the first time and therefore launched it with unique ideas absolutely loved by kids, reaching to 3,000 likes in merely 2 weeks proves how well Social Squared is working for us.

Amey Asuti, co-founder of Social Squared, said

We are extremely happy and proud to associate ourselves with an iconic pen brand. While the television ads like “Likhte likhte love ho jaye” and the recent ones featuring Salman Khan have always been very popular, there was a need to connect the young customers with the brand on a day-to-day basis. Our first priority is to educate the masses, initiate and create a channel of interaction and help Rotomac get greater brand recall in a highly competitive market.