Social Media Agency Feature: O3M Directional Marketing


Who are we?

O3M Directional Marketing is an office of 50+ digital marketing warriors who focus solely on adding value to our clients’ brands (and sales!) Our company is the prototypical new Indian success story…for 8+ years we have been the “secret Indians” powering the digital campaigns of agencies and Internet portals worldwide. 3 years ago we decided to form O3M to begin services clients directly in the Indian market.

It’s been an exciting three years – we’ve attained Google AdWords Premier SME Partner status and get to work with some amazing brands in both India and abroad. While the BPO work is thriving, we love being able to work with end clients directly as it enables us to leverage our “process oriented creativity” approach to adding value to their businesses.

What’s in the name?

It’s an acronym. “O” stands for Organized. 3M stands for “Meticulous Marketing Methodology.” Our name represents the structured approach that we bring to online advertising. Meticulous is indicative of the attention to detail that we bring to campaigns and our methodology is a mix of standard industry best practices and our own internal strategies that we have learned along the way.

Directional Marketing means we take a vertical approach to online marketing. We look at all parties in the value chain – from supplier to retailers to customers – and consider their unique needs to deliver the best results possible.

What we do?

Our core competency is bringing a creative flair to our data driven approach. This usually manifests itself in performance-oriented Google AdWords campaigns that encompass search, display, and lately, lots of remarketing. Including the BPO, work we support 100,000+ campaigns in 10+ languages. Out of that, about a little over 100 are our valued Indian clients who we get the pleasure of working with directly and where we are given more leeway to be creative and to test new ideas.

Of course we wouldn’t be on Social Samosa if we weren’t having lots of fun on the social side as well. This includes running one-off contests for businesses as well as completely managing the social presence of many of our clients. Some have a clear vision in mind that we execute, while others turn to us to develop a comprehensive strategy to create a meaningful digital voice for them.

Our killer design and web development team supports all of campaigns — bringing life to our strategic visions through compelling imagery.

Why we do it?

We’ve always been online marketers and we simply couldn’t sit here in Chennai and ignore the digital revolution happening around us.

How we evolve?

Ongoing training, self-motivated learning, and simply “learning by looking around.” In such a dynamic industry if we want to remain relevant we have to work to constantly hone our skill set and always look for new ways to add value to our clients. Otherwise someone else will.

Social responsibility in social media:

It’s critical. Social media has given a voice to the voiceless and enables otherwise silent demographics to be heard. Additionally, we have made it clear that we don’t work with unethical or deceptive offerings or products.

From a more practical perspective – if you are working with a company that will be deceptive to or defraud their customers, what’s to say they won’t do the same to you? Not only is social responsibility important for our own morals, it makes business sense too.

Need of the hour:

Transparency. A lot of agencies make sales through a very glossy approach that is light on details and deliverables. While we can’t knock it, we can continue to deliver quality work with clear deliverables in a manner that is easy for our clients to understand.

Also, remarketing…

We learned the hard way

Slow is fast and fast is slow. Taking time in the planning stage will lead to fewer bumps further down the road.

They work with us:

I wish we could brag, but we’re NDA bound on the international clients as well as when they have a traditional media agency of record. Several household names as well as growing businesses across India.

Industry as we foresee:

A sharper focus towards deliverables. A lot of the “collecting likes for the sake of likes” type of endeavors will pass. Especially as analytics tools get better through both the mediums themselves and what third party companies like TribeNautix are doing clients will look for how different channels benefit their business, not just being there because someone told them to.

A day without Internet

Would be a gift. We’d spend time with our families and friends. More seriously though, the Internet is our bread and butter so we would have to figure out how to apply our digital skillset into traditional media.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes we are! We are always looking for the next generation of bright SEM Analysts as well as Salespeople. Check us out on the jobs board.