Social Media Campaign Review: HT No TV Day Treasure Hunt

After two successful years, the Hindustan Times (HT) No TV Day is back.  Scheduled for 1st June, 2013, all Mumbaiites can look forward to participating in the Treasure Hunt on Facebook in Season 3 of the event.


In the city that never sleeps people tend to get caught up in the rat race, scrambling to catch a train or bus, scurrying off to classes or school, no time to look around, enjoy the city in its many hues forget connecting with family and friends in the real world (not the digital space), Hindustan Times (HT) felt the need for a No TV day.

Encouraging Mumbaiites to Switch Off the TV and enjoy time with near and dear ones exploring the sight and sound of the city called MUMBAI.

Treasure huntExecution

The Treasure Hunt is hosted on a dedicated Facebook app, you have to log in to your Facebook account to use the app to play the game.  There are 8 levels leading up to completion of the game, with a question at each level from level 1 to 7.  All questions test your knowledge about Mumbai; you have four options to choose from and can play until you get it right.  At each level you win something like a show at the Planetarium or the opportunity to attend a science workshop.  Level 8 urges you to invite friends to play.


For a print media publication, Hindustan Times has done well in terms of using social media as opposed to its counterparts.  Tying offline activities like helicopter rides, science workshops even Shiamak Davar’s Dance workshops with an online engagement initiative on Facebook is a different yet cool move . If you want to create buzz and build a long term relationship then this initiative uses the right approach.

HT No TV Day activities

The “invite your friends to increase your chance of winning” aspect of the campaign makes it a potentially viral campaign.

The Facebook app is well designed and navigation is smooth which makes registration and participation a breeze.  There is also a photo caption contest that gives participants the opportunity to play and win many exciting prizes.

HT No TV Day photo contest

Its strategic partners make sure you have a great time eating out or chilling out.  Here’s how… If you love eating out then the campaign’s tie up with Burrp ensures you receive discount coupons at restaurants across the city.

Besides this the contest seems to have a strategic tie up with Vardhaman Fantasy Park. Sending an SMS on all these number capitalizes on leads for the amusement park and restaurants listed there.

HT No TV Day

The campaign is being promoted very well, online as well as offline with enough buzz on Facebook and Twitter. For every 10 Tweets, with #HTGoGreen, Hindustan Times will plan one Sapling in Mumbai.

Ht treasure hunt contestScope for Improvement

HT has a number of activities lined up for the day, while this is good it can be a little confusing.  This is a very good initiative and truly a foolproof campaign!


The campaign has been well- designed and aligned throughout – it succeeds on getting you to get away from the idiot box. You don’t have to ‘like’ its Facebook page to participate in the various contests even without liking the page.  The Twitter page augments the Facebook action and keeps the Twitterati informed and engaged about the Treasure Hunt and No TV day.

But yes, the campaign is a move in the right direction for HT which wants to widen its reach and make its presence felt in the digital space.  But, what stands out in the end is HT’s desire to give back to people, by creating an event that makes people get up and do something to enjoy their city like never before.


Mariam Noronha is a teacher with over nine years of teaching experience. She has taught a wide range of management related subjects and has authored and presented papers at national and international seminars and conferences. An avid reader, researcher and writer; she has authored numerous articles in the copy writing, fiction, web writing and travel writing genre. She has authored four e-books on various genres of writing. Mariam currently writes her own business blog,TheOneOfAKindPreneur and provides consultancy to aspiring entrepreneurs with regard to business planning, branding, product development and promotion.