Social Media Campaign Review: Run Sailor Run By Crocs India


The international brand for its unusual shape in footwear Crocs provides a good option for those looking for the wet weather and casual wear with bold and bright colours. The store stocks for the entire family including children and toddlers alike.


The objective of the campaign is to create engagement with the fans and give them a better and realistic brand experience. It also showcases its bold and bright collection.


The contest is hosted on Crocs India Facebook page through a dedicated app. You have to ‘Like’ the page to participate. Follow simple steps to participate in the campaign and winners get a chance to fly Singapore along with a Yacht trip.

All you have to do is select the comfy crocs and a character to play. Each player has to run on the city streets and beaches to collect as many coins as you can. You will have to tackle the obstacles on the way. The on-screen directions will guide you to earn the highest score. There are various ways to score points like collecting coins, inviting friends to play and to earn score boosters.

You can register for the trip to Singapore after you finish the game.

Crocs India

The campaign ends on 31st May and the highest scorer will be the Grand Prize winner.


The campaign innovatively promotes the Crocs collection through this game. A player has to run through the city, walk on on a sandy beach, cruise on a yatch with these Crocs. The dress and the footwear of the player change accordingly. This easily puts across their message that – whatever mood you’re in, there will be Crocs for all your styles.

Gamification of your marketing message is a great way to encourage engagement!

The Facebook app is very well designed with very easy navigation, and you can play it again and again to improve your score. The app is well promoted on Crocs India’s Facebook page. They revealed it after a small teaser campaign!

At the end of the game, the app asks you to chose the style that you like the most. With this, Crocs India is indirectly leveraging Social Media to take a feedback. They are also giving an incentive of Rs. 500 so that you subscribe to their newsletters to receive fashion tips, the latest Crocs news, events and exclusive offers.

Crocs India


Scope of Improvement:

The app takes too long to load. As the prize is very grand, they could have been made it more interesting by adding different levels to it.


‘Run Sailor run’ is a very nice campaign to market their collection at the same time keep their audience engaged. It could have been more exciting with some more levels.