Social Media Case Study: London Market

London Market

Brand Name:

London Market

Agency Name:

The Cufflinks


London Market is setting out to firmly establish itself as one of the important markets leading up to a crown jewel of New Delhi. It is a destination for apparel shoppers, art lovers, antiques. From Jewellery to Fashion, Kids to Grown ups, the London Market has something for the whole family.


Facebook proved to be the perfect medium to inform the shoppers as well as the designers about the event. Whenever a girl talks (Likes, shares, comments) about a fashion event on facebook, rest of her girlfriends come buzzing like bees on the same destination! ;) Well, that sort of worked in our favor for this complete fashion oriented event.

It was almost like inviting ladies to be a part of a high class society, where its all about taste, design, exclusivity, variety. Something for everyone. The Cufflinks, as an agency, left no stone unturned in talking and promoting each designer and their products separately and rigorously, over a period of one month. It was so regular and extensive, that by the date of the event, everyone was talking about it.

Daily they had queries from the girls wanting to know about various designers, dates, timings and so on. We kept them well informed about every tiny detail about the event. Two campaigns that were successfully conducted to support the affair –

1.Style Stalker Contest

2.Loyalty Card Program

Twitter aided a lot in doing cross branding promotions for all the associated designers. Their respective followers were coaxed to talk about London Market as a complete affair. The twitteratis who followed a particular designer, were sure to have an interest in fashion and design on whole. This created a complete Buzz around the promotions.

YouTube was en cashed to showcase the actual footfall at the event. From the décor and designer stalls to the actual ruckusat the venue, all was showcased in a creatively edited video.


  • Increase in likes – 4600
  • Avg. number of people talking about – 2460
  • Friends of Fans – 30,65,909

Style Stalker Contest

  • Total number of participants : 51
  • Highest number of votes: 163

Loyalty Program:

  • Total number of Participants: 82
  • People shopped with the card benefit: 70