Social Media Case Study: Picture Perfect Nails Contest by Chambor Geneva

Social Samosa
May 22, 2013 04:30 IST
New Update

Brand Name:

Chambor Geneva

Agency Name:



  • To engage fans with an activity and get them to get more involved in the page.
  • To change the perception of the brand from a page that gives only makeup/fashion/beauty tips to a page that is open to showcasing user-generated content as well.
  • To give a common platform for people who love Nail Art to interact with each other as well as the brand.


  • On the brand’s Facebook page, they created a Contest Tab exclusively available to the fans of the page.
  • The contest tab was designed keeping in mind the visual nature of the contest, showing simple designs aimed at unleashing one’s imagination.
  • The upload was just a one click process. We also asked women to tell us why their Nail Art was uniquely them.
  • All promotional posts got high interactions with women not only liking but sharing and commenting too.


  • 23.22% increase in Fans
  • 54.51% increase in Interactions
  • 50.8% increase in Shares
  • 78.57% increase in Queries
  • 163.06% increase in Fans

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