Twitter for Non-Tweeps

twitter for non-tweeps

We live with 140 characters! Dont we? But people outside twitter, are unaware of what all happens on the TL (TL = Timeline – we have to explain this to them).

Friends, family members are often bugged off by the constant checking of our twitter account, mostly via mobile app. And then there are few others who make an attempt to be on twitter and no doubt they fail to understand, why on earth are people constantly writing about where they are, what are they wearing, how they feel today <no prizes for #mondaytweets>. To be honest, I didn’t understand as well, but the key is to spend some time observing, following like-minded people instead of jumping to conclusions.

Recently, I made a friend believe power of twitter. I say power, as it has now a part of mainstream media. Umm… so my friend was looking for android app development work. I said, I will tweet and see what happens. He wasn’t convinced that we would get any leads; thought may be in 2-3 days someone will inquire. < I failed to explain that 2-3 days isn’t twitter>.

To his surprise, and my confidence, we received many RTs and lots of people were willing to discuss the idea. He was smiling as if his bank account was filled with truckloads of money! < Well, that’s how we write on twitter, ‘slightly’ exaggerated >. He seriously couldn’t believe the situation he was in. IMO, he wasn’t mentally prepared to think of such quick response.

Keeping this example in mind, I want to make a point about how powerful we are, on twitter. There is a general notion that tweeps just enjoy outrage and play contests :) Though, it may happen sometimes, but I have seen people sharing information, passing references, bagging assignments, making real friends etc. SO, when it comes to people who have joined recently (and are active), must participate in conversations (do that carefully, or you will be tagged as a troll :P ) . Share good information, ask valid questions, request for help and twitter will never let you down.

By saying that, what should old time tweeps (seasoned, more followers, so called celebs) do? I guess this group has the maximum potential to turn things around. With such a powerful medium at our hand, why can’t we create a substantial platform for very constructive work. I know there are initiatives which are doing such stuff, but we need more. Some initiatives which I found interesting are #bglsr , #55wordsStory by @vivekism , #ProjectHope by and for @shubHASHISH

Please mention twitter initiatives which you know and are part of, this will help in creating a nice database (which, later can be compiled) for all of us -To follow – To participate – To bring about a change.

Featured Image By: Rosaura Ochoa