4 Unlikely Places to Get Ideas for Fresh and Engaging Facebook Posts

engaging facebook posts

Creating a Facebook page for your brand is an easy task, but managing a page is a difficult job. It needs time, energy, and a constant flow of fresh and engaging content. Managing the first two is not very difficult, but finding a constant source of engaging content is a little tricky. No matter whom you enlist, the flow of content to your Facebook page will eventually run dry, sooner or later, so instead of depending on a person or a group of people to generate compelling content ideas, you should find the stream of fresh ideas which never runs dry. In this article, I am going to show you four such sources to help you keep the flow of engaging content to your fan page constant.

Google Suggest

Everyday when you go to Google with your search query, you must have noticed one thing. The search giant completes your search string as soon as you enter a couple of keywords in the search bar. The moment you start typing in the search bar Google begins mining its databases for similar search queries entered by other users, and use the intelligence it gathers to suggest you various search strings to help you reach your desired webpage. You can harness this autocomplete feature to come up with Facebook post ideas.

Let’s say you are a detergent company and on your Facebook page you want to share stain removal tips with your fans to build authority. The quickest way to generate some Facebook post idea is to go to Google and type “stain removal” or “how to remove stain” or any of the similar keyword phrases, and let Google offer you suggestions for relevant Facebook posts (like the ones shown in the following images). You can copy all the suggested search strings and create posts around the relevant search strings.

Google Suggest 4

Google Suggest 5

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is another place where you should regularly visit to get content ideas for your Facebook page. Millions of people frequent this question and answer website to find solutions to their particular problems. You can visit this website to search for question and answer and read to the threads to generate new post ideas. The questions asked or answered on Yahoo Answers are by real people who have real problems, and solutions by people who either have tried them, or think those will work best to solve the problem.

Just to illustrate the point, I ran a search for “stain removal,” and the website produced a list of questions and answer threads which you, as a person managing Facebook page of a detergent company, can use to create engaging posts for your fan page. Look at the results in the following image, aren’t they useful for a company who wants to help people keep their cloths stain-free? Yahoo Answers provide a goldmine of information waiting to be used to create engaging content.

Yahoo Answers 1


Topsy is the third place to go to for fresh content ideas. It is a social search tool that helps you find conversations that takes place on social media, in real time. It also produces articles on topics you enter as a search string (as you can see in the image below which shows results for “stain removal”). You can use the real-time conversation to know what your customers are presently interested in, and then create content to satisfy the pressing needs of your customers.


Quora is a much advanced, and much used Q&A engine. Here experts from various fields come to answer questions asked by people. You will find lots of factoids, data, links to websites, and other forms of information on Quora, which you can use to create Facebook posts. You can also reuse content from Quora on your Facebook page, as long as you link back to the source (read Quora policy and guidelines).

The Q&A engine produces a wider variety of questions and answers for the searched term. For this article, when I went there to search for “remove stain” to see how many threads it produce, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of threads it churned out. This is the most-used website of its kind. You must visit this place to generate Facebook post ideas.


Where to start?

Each of the sources described above can be a starting point, so you need to decide which one works for you. In fact, the best way to go about is to begin using at least two places simultaneously, and once you have a proper Facebook posts ideas generation and recording mechanism in place you can start scanning all the sources.

The sooner you will begin tapping all the sources the better it will be for your Facebook page because these source always keep on producing new ideas to create your Facebook posts around. I hope, now you will not run out of new ideas of engaging Facebook posts.