Foursquare Launches Time Machine, Superb Visualisation Of Your Data

I personally love Foursquare, its a brilliant tool! Foursquare just killed it with this new way to visualise the entire data of all the checkins, Foursquare Time Machine is here! Re-live each and every check-ins of yours, and have your own beautiful visualization to share with others. It collates the data from your Foursquare account and puts it up in an interactive manner. You can technically see where you checked-in first, second, third and so on! You could jump from one checkin to another, see stats etc. You can see the top places you’ve visited to the top categories and active days of a week etc.


And I found where my first check-in was!

foursquare time machine

It also show’s you The Next Big thing around you, which probably means the popular places around you. This is what it showed me –

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 8.53.00 PM

Here’s what you can do with the tool –

  • Zoom through time and space as you visualize all your check-ins
  • Discover all the places you should head to next
  • Save and share pretty infographics of all your stats

Not too sure if it’d help more people start using Foursquare, but it does make Foursquare look cool. it gives you a perosnalized infographic too! It is awesome! And of course, Samsung dose get some superb branding.