Everything You Wanted to Know About Image Sizes on Pinterest

A pin board that has transformed the way people share images and their work on the web, Pinterest is all about pictures.  If you want people to look at your products and designs’ then using Pinterest is not an option, it is a necessity.

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Size specifications:

  • Profile picture: 160×165 pixels
  • Boards: Big thumbnail 222x 150 pixels, Thumbnails 55×55 pixels
  • Pins: Profile picture: 32×32 pixels

You can pin JPG, PNG or GIF image file. You can pin high resolution images, but Pinterest doesn’t display them in hi-res once they are pins on Pinterest. You’ll notice a change in quality once you upload the file.

When pinning from other websites, images must be at least 100 x 200 pixels. While pinning a video, the only video Pinterest supporst right now are YouTube, Vimeo and Ted videos.

The important thing to remember is:

An image can be ruined if not sized properly.  Stretching an image will spoil the impact you are trying to make. Get professional help if required to resize images for use on social media platforms.

The above sizes are a quick reference guide.  However, social media platforms revise them without prior notice and you should keep your eyes open for any such developments.  Images used should not violate any guidelines issued by the platform you are using.  Read guidelines carefully so that you do not risk removal of inappropriate images.

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Lastly, images are high impact tools for advertising and promotion.  Use them well and you will succeed at generating interest.


Social Samosa 40 Under 40