Social Media Agency Feature: Tangerine Digital Pvt Ltd


Who are we?

Tangerine Digital Pvt Ltd is among the country’s leading digital content management agencies serving brands across sectors. Tangerine creates and manages content that millions of people watch and interact with on the web, mobile and social media platforms.

Tangerine specializes in media management, re-purposing for platforms and communities, library management, Metadata, platform analytics and content monetization improvement services, user-generated content moderation, next generation digital publishing, value added content creation and distribution service.

Tangerine Digital Social Media Agency Team

What’s in the name?

We are a content centered company and content, like Tangerine, is all about taste.

What we do?

Tangerine offers varied solutions like customized content creation services, media management, re-purposing for platforms and communities, library management, metadata services, platform analytics, content monetization and user-generated content moderation services. All the solutions offered by Tangerine are customized based on client demand.

Content Management: Enablers that helps in consumption of created content, Metadata management to enable search on digital platforms, publishing of content to multiple platforms

Content Creation: Create content like text – blogs, articles, reviews etc, audio – audio blogs, interviews etc, video – live, VoD, made for web, animations etc and images – stock footage, shot, aggregated.

User Generated Content management: The content generated by users requires correct comprehension a quick and valid response, Ratings and reviews.

Why we do it?

There has been a tremendous growth of digital content or content marketing growth in India and US and North America. 50% of companies are increasing their spends on content and content marketing in 2013. Marketers found the most cost effective content to be featured articles and video.

Marketing business online involves publishing content on regular basis. Nowadays more and more customers are using content as key means for customer retention and customer acquisition. Best in companies are 38% more likely to use video for marketing & customer retention. They also perceive Video and Interactive Media as content types that are difficult to create as well as overpriced but there is an opportunity for companies that can create videos at a reasonable price.

Today many firms are more likely to outsource content creation and assign upto 28% of the marketing budget for content creation. In 2013 marketers will increase the budget by 50%. On an average 44% of B2B companies and 46% of B2C companies outsource content creation. The number of companies outsourcing B2B content creation has declined from 2011 to 2012 as more companies are moving content creation in house.

Almost 61% of people are more likely to buy from a company which provides custom content. Companies that have content mapped to customers, convert 20% of their responses to marketing qualified leads – 8% more than others. As trends are changing, internet will influence over 53% of all retail sales by 2014.

How we evolve?

With the industry growing, we are keeping up pace with the emerging trends. We started with content management in 2006. Then we moved to content creation and with advent of social media platforms, we ventured into user generated content management. Our evolution will come from increase of rich media and video consumption across platforms. Hence we will invest heavily in being the premium content provider for all digital platforms, in all formats and across all genres.

Social responsibility in social media

The right to participate within the public dialogue has always come with responsibility. Our moderation service is oriented towards meeting this responsibility. Members of the team keep an eye on social media channels while looking for trends and patterns of information for the clients. If the company has blogs, a Twitter account, a Facebook page or any other forum for user generated comments, it is our responsibility to moderate the conversation. This guarantees compliance, moderation and response to ensure that the brand is protected always.

Need of the hour

For a brand to build recall value in the mind of consumers and then covert this recall value into success, the brand needs to be aware of how to deal with user generated content. It’s not just one way communication.

Each social media platform has its own unique culture users and so it’s really important to build a relationship with the users. Non intrusive moderation along with user engagement with proper response and providing insights will ensure that, while we tap into the enormous potential of social media, we are always protected.

We learned the hard way

Premium, custom content across genres for digital platforms is a must that ensures customer retention, acquisition and connect. Companies undervalue the content need and that is a tough learning curve to cross.

They work with us

Some of Tangerine’s clients include Times of India, Sony entertainment, India Cast etc

Industry as we foresee

Overview on the Indian Social Media industry in the coming years

The digital content industry has grown considerably in the past few years and is looking out to deliver on the potential of a sector that is growing and transforming the way we live and work. New digital platforms and services are emerging and rapid consumer adoption of broadband, 3G mobiles, digital television and radio provide exciting industry development opportunities. The ultimate aim is to generate the growth in all sectors and deliver the excellent services.

Bigger Brands have begun to embrace the whole new concept of digital content creation and content management. Digital content management is very essential as it helps the brand build its brand affinity.

If you specifically look into e-commerce, the impact of content marketing is such that if they see good content, 61% of the people are more likely to buy and the conversions are huge. These trends are part of the digital explosion, more companies are looking for Video and rich media content which is creating opportunities for companies like Tangerine.

A day without Internet

A day without internet certainly calls for a disaster at Tangerine. It’s not that we are social bugs; it is about our business model that is completely connectivity driven. Maintaining multiple digital platforms for our clients requires an active presence and a 100 MBPS fiber line at Tangerine with multiple layers of backup is testimony to this.

Lastly, are you hiring?